How to define zoned decimal in cobol?

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  1. mainframe - cobol interview questions. name the divisions in a cobol program. identification division, environment division, data division, procedure division.
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  2. Convert Mainframe EBCDIC data to PC format in 60 seconds :

    how to define zoned decimal in cobol

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  3. For eg., i have alphanumeric string 'ABCDEF 0 0.450' and i need to get '0.450' as numeric decimal and do arithmetic on it. Do we have a way?
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  4. Hi all, am a beginner in easytrieve programming.. am really sorry if the question seems so noob.. and i have searched the forum but did not get a firm idea on this
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  5. Liste mise à jour régulièrement par MyBot à partir des articles liés au bandeau {{Portail physique}} Modifications récentes des articles ayant le bandeau de ce
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  6. Introduction This document will focus on a discussion of a numeric field (or data string) format referred to as zoned decimal and is commonly used on an IBM Mainframe
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