How to download ubuntu to a usb?

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  1. How to Create an Ubuntu 6.10 Edgy USB Flash Drive using Windows and the Ubuntu Live CD. Upon completion, the user will be able to boot and run a Portable Ubuntu …
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  2. OK, this is what i did to run Xubuntu From a SD card it applies to USB sticks too it's really simple actually , though i used only (x)Ubuntu, i'm prety sure it works
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  3. Download the Kubuntu installer to create your own installation medium. The download process can take a while, depending on your connection speed.
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  4. Download Ubuntu for desktop. To download and install Ubuntu, all you need is a blank DVD or USB stick. Download now
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  5. I want to burn a Windows ISO to a USB device in Ubuntu. How do I do this? I know how to burn a Ubuntu ISO into a USB device, but with a Windows ISO it's not the same.
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