How to measure length of a bolt?

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  1. bolt 1 (bōlt) n. 1. A bar made of wood or metal that slides into a socket and is used to fasten doors and gates. 2. A metal bar or rod in the mechanism of a lock
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  2. IDENT {ident} ATKEYWORD @{ident} STRING {string} BAD_STRING {badstring} BAD_URI {baduri} BAD_COMMENT {badcomment} HASH #{name} NUMBER
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  3. TEXT OF PRESIDENT JOHN KENNEDY'S RICE STADIUM MOON SPEECH. President Pitzer, Mr. Vice President, Governor, Congressman Thomas, Senator Wiley, and …
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  4. Metrology is the science of measurement. Metrology includes all theoretical and practical aspects of measurement. Metrology is defined by the International Bureau …
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  5. ·ure·ment (mĕzh′ər-mənt) n. 1. The act of measuring or the process of being measured. 2. A system of measuring: measurement in miles.
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