How to patch ceiling?

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  1. So you missed the rafter and stepped through the ceiling(...) don't call a handyman to patch the gaping hole. You can make the repair yourself and save a ton of money
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  2. Drywall ceilings aren’t as vulnerable to damage as walls. When drywall ceilings are damaged, they require a different repair process. Ceiling drywall is thicker
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  3. Patching ceiling cracks is an essential step in prepping a room for fresh painting. Usually a sign of normal settling, shallow cracks seldom indicate problems.
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  4. Ideal for all-around illumination - Shop 1000's of ceiling light fixtures! Free Shipping on all close to ceiling lights - Best prices with Lamps Plus 120% Low Price
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  5. Ceiling repairs due to cracks, water stain, holes and exposed nails are common problems for most homeowners. It may seem daunting to repair a drywall
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