How to properly demote a dc?

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  1. In this blog we will explore how to demote a domain controller in Windows Server 2012 Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS). In previous versions of Windows Server
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  2. Removing members from a domain is relatively easy; it merely requires you to name a different domain for the computer to join, or have it join a workgroup
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  3. Page 2: Everything seemed to be going well, followed the video here: (Active Directory Migra(...) | 50 …
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  4. We have a Windows 2008 domain, with a Windows 2008 Backup domain controller that is nearing end of life. What is the proper way to demote or inform Active Directory
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  5. The administrator decided to just reconfigure one region. To test it, he removed a DC and put it back in, and replication continued as designed.
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