How to set mp3 ringtone in xperia l?

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  1. For my previous Samsung phone, I put the audio files into a folder called "Ringtones", then reboot. You could move it to the actual ringtones folder in the system
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  2. It’ll begin playing as soon as you select it. Congratulations, you’ve set a custom ringtone! Setting a Custom SMS Tone. Setting a custom notification
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  3. Hi friends, I am new to windows phone. I purchased Nokia Lumia 820 windows phone. I have copied the music files to the memory card (SD card) in my phone
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  4. Verizon Edge. Embrace the latest technology. Verizon Edge makes it easy to buy and upgrade your new smartphone with a low upfront cost and affordable monthly payments.
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  5. How to create folders on your phone`s Home screen? 1. At the Home screen of your phone 2. Pick your desired application that you want to include in a folder.
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