How to set ssl certificate in iis 7?

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  1. Introduction. Say you've already got an SSL certificate and key on your Spiceworks server and you need to configure your existing cert/key to work with Apache.
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  2. Easily import an IIS SSL certificate to a Citrix NetScaler without using a command line. Simply use the Microsoft and Citrix GUIs to migrate your certs.
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  3. Prerequisites: These are the prerequisites needed for this walkthrough. I won't be covering how to create or do these things. Installed IIS Client Certificate Mapping
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  4. The steps for configuring Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) for a site are the same in IIS 7 and above and IIS 6.0, and include the following: Get an appropriate
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  5. Symptoms. Are you getting into a scenario wherein randomly your Website loses or changes the SSL certificate bindings from within the IIS manager?
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