How to set username in git?

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  1. If you are using Visual Studio plugin for Git, but you have also configured Git with MSys git, probably you could be surprised by some Visual Studio behavior.
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  2. List of Git repositories available. Please see to NOTE: please use the clone links at the bottom of the pages.. Do not clone from git.eclipse
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  3. Bootcamp. Set Up Git; Create A Repo; Fork A Repo; Be Social; GitHub Glossary; Good Resources for Learning Git and GitHub; Setup. Signing up for a new GitHub account
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  4. The basic instructions to set up and operate with Git and Gerrit are described at the Tutorial (see also its shortest version).
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  5. I'm trying out Git on Windows. I got to the point of trying "git commit" and I got this error: Terminal is dumb but no VISUAL nor EDITOR defined. Please supply the
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