How to turn on cheats in ksp?

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  1. KSP Interstellar Magnetic Nozzles, ISRU Revamp, Improved Stock Science Integration - Version 0.13 KSP Interstellar is a plugin for Kerbal Space Program, designed to
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  2. Walkthroughs See our full, in depth game guides Game Cheats Our latest Cheats, Hints and Codes Achievements & Trophies Find achievements and hints to unlock them
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  3. Kerbal Space Program (commonly abbreviated to KSP) is a space flight simulator developed by Squad for Linux, OS X, and Windows. The first publicly available version
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  4. Modifier key. Because KSP can run on different operating systems the modifier key (Mod) differs between them. In the table below, the default Mod key is mapped to the
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  5. Strictly speaking there are no cheats codes in KSP. Alt+F12 will bring up the debug menu yes, allowing shortcuts like infinite fuel and infinite RCS.
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